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physical therapy

Pain from injuries often caused by day-to-day life drive the patient to learn how to work around the pain, and inevitably the pain worsens as time passes causing even more conditions.

Physical therapy is key to the healing process. The planned stretching and strengthening help patients regain:

  • Balance

  • Muscle control

  • Range of motion.

electrical stimulation

This speeds the recovery process by strengthening muscles that are around the injured area. Our therapist will present strategies by which to compensate in the short term and allow for use of the injured limb or joint, which also can include use of electrical stimulation, ice and heat, and massage.

This practice will restore or improve range of motion and mobility for the patient, helping to avoid surgery and the long-term use of pain medications.

Our team will develop a plan which has four primary goals:

  • Promote the ability to move

  • Minimize pain

  • Restore or improve function

  • Prevent disability

Once a patient is doing great and discharged, we will offer a program focuses on wellness and an overall healthier lifestyle to help patients maintain corrections.

We can treat an array of conditions which include:

  • Sports related injuries

  • COPD, CF and post-myocardial infarction

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger

  • Musculoskeletal dysfunction

  • Neurological conditions

  • Pediatric conditions

  • Women’s health issues.


Adjustments and joint mobilization requires a trained doctor to passively adjust the joints in a patient’s body in specific directions. This can help in minimization of pain, improve joint mobility, and increase nerve and blood circulation.

Many therapies decrease muscle tension, improve blood flow to the injured area and decrease pain levels.

Heat may be recommended to improve circulation to damaged tissues, relax surrounding muscles, and ease pain.

Ice is used during the phase immediately following an injury to decrease swelling around the injured tissues and minimize inflammation.

Electrical stimulation can be used in some care plans to limit the amount of pain a patient feels.

All of these treatments are part of a stem cell regenerative medicine protocol that not only helps lessen a patient’s pain, but moreover helps stimulate and accelerate the healing pathways and regeneration produced with stem cell regenerative medicine.


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