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Neurophysiological alterations, immune abnormalities, neural hypoperfusion, and inflammatory responses are associated with Autism. Osiris Therapeutics along with many published authors and researchers state that IV-infusion-specific STEM CELL

PROTOCOL results have demonstrated PROFOUND IMPROVEMENTS because of their ability to secrete immune inhibitory factors, without fear of immune mediated rejection. 

These specific STEM CELL PROTOCOLS for Autistic patients were also noted to induce synergistic effects in neurological conditions and symptoms. Numerous other Groups have generated evidence of stem cell therapy for autism but have not published results in conventional journals.


*Journal of Transplantation Proceedings 2004, 36:3272-3275; American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology 2005, 289:F3 1-42; Journal of Blood 2005, 105:1815-1822,2214-2219; Journal of Neuroimmunology

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